Plasma Teb Saarsam

Due to having 20 years of experience in the field of commerce and green and renewable energy commerce and collaboration with the world's leading companies in Sweden, Germany, Italy and Denmark and gaining valuable experience in this regard, we decided to work, transfer the experience (the right culture of trade and honesty) and localize the modern technology in our beloved Iran. Hence, Plasma Teb Saarsam was born and began its work in Tehran in October 2017.

The mission of the Saarsam involves tow priorities:

  1. Helping our own people and fellowmen to live healthier
  2. Protecting the environment for ourselves and the next generation

In autumn 2017, we began our cooperation with the German Aqua Clean Company, which resulted in the exclusive representation of Aqua Clean products in Iran. The Aqua Clean Company, with half a century of experience, is among the best brands with modern and up-to-date technology in the area of ​​health and has gained the highest standard from Germany and Europe.

In autumn 2017, Saarsam began a partnership between with the Swedish Akla Company and acquired the exclusive representation of Akla products in Iran. With its 90-year experience in producing first aids products, Akla Co. is one of the most trusted brands in the world's modern technology in the field of health with the highest standard from Sweden and the Europe CA.